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Green is Beautiful at Butrico Groves

Farmers have always been the most passionate environmentalists.  When your living depends on the soil, the climate, and the weather, you become invested in the preservation and improvement of the environment.  At Butrico Groves, we're committed to "green" growing practices.  Though our citrus fruit is not "Certified Organic," you can enjoy our delicious Indian River citrus products knowing that they were grown using only Earth-friendly products and practices.

We've been saying it for years: "Green is Beautiful!"  Now, the phrase applies to more than the natural, un-dyed skins of our fruit.  Over the last five years, we've taken steps to reduce our reliance on granular fertilizers and chemical pesticides and herbicides.  We've worked to reduce our impact on the environment and make our produce more sustainable.  We've participated in research intended to contain and eradicate diseases and pests that affect the citrus industry across the United States.

Caring for our trees also means caring for our Earth.  We use EPA-approved, low-impact fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to keep our fruit naturally delicious.  We also do our part to prevent the spread of pests and diseases that threaten Florida's citrus.  We do everything we can to ensure that our produce is healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.  

With our new irrigation system, we're taking better care of our trees while consuming less water.  We use organic compost to reduce our reliance on granular fertilizers and herbicides.  We work in partnership with USDA to research and test new varieties of citrus fruits that are resistant to dangerous pests and diseases.

The "green-growing" efforts of Butrico Groves and other Florida citrus growers will ensure that you'll be enjoying natural, delicious Florida citrus for years to come!